is your source for many free Christian books written by Robert Woeger and other Christian writers. Please invest time reading these Christian books, so you can grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, better glorify God, and " able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Ephesians 6:11. The free Christian books can be printed (PDF format is best), or viewed in a web browser or ebook reader. They are useful for Bible Study, Daily Devotionals, Discipleship Training, or Sermon Preparation.
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Save the many free Christian books and writings to your computer, and mobile devices, so that you will have an instant Christian library, that will always be there with you. These free Christian writings, will point you to God's Word, so that you may grow in your Christian Walk, having faith in God. You must feed yourself daily with The Word Of God, so that your mind can be renewed.
The Christian books are offered in standard web format, with extra additional format links listed at the top of each Christian writing. To save a book or writing for later viewing, or uploading to your mobile device, such as a tablet or phone, right click on the link with your laptop or your desktop computer's web browser, and select the option to "save the file as" to a specific place on your computer (such as The Desktop), where you can easily find it again, so that you can later upload it, and sync it, to your intended mobile device. PDF files are recommended for printing.
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