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The War Inside - Robert Woeger
This free Christian book will help you gain freedom in the war that is going on inside every Christian. Please print and distribute copies of this free Christian book. Includes the below Good News tract.
Grace - Robert Woeger
Receive God's free gift of grace through Jesus Christ. Find out more about Grace and about Salvation. Free Christian tract that you may distribute to others.
Good News - Robert Woeger
This overview of The Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ helps explain Salvation. Please print and distribute copies of this Christian tract. It is useful for introducing The Gospel to others.
Evidence - Ignoring God - I Can - Robert Woeger
Free Christian tracts covering faith, and how to reverence God. You can use them for teaching, daily devotionals, study, and to make copies to help others build up their faith in God, and in Christ.
Free Indeed - Continual Believing - Robert Woeger
God, The Father, sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to free you from all the captivity of sin. God expects you to continually believe in Him, in His Word, and in Jesus, in every area of your life.
Baptism - Water Baptism - Baptism With The Holy Spirit - Robert Woeger
Powerful tracts on the subject of Baptism. Explains the importance of Baptism for every Christain Believer. These are Highly Recommended!
Selfless - Robert Woeger
A true Christian Believer must die to self, and be alive through Jesus Christ. This secret will cause God's Presence to be in your life in a powerful way.
So Loved - God Loves You - Fresh Start - Faith - Self - What's Next - Muzzled - Robert Woeger
Free Christian tracts provide an overview of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please make copies of these tracts and distribute them to others to expose them to the Hope of God through Jesus Christ.
Daily Faith Checklist - Robert Woeger
Daily use this checklist to help maintain your faith. This serves as a daily checklist to help you have the Christian walk that Jesus Christ intended for you to have.
Your Faith Will Be Tested - Robert Woeger
God desires you to be refined and purified. Permit God to test you, and impart His Character and Nature inside of you. Faith demonstrates your obedience to God.
Trust The Creator, Not The Creation! - Robert Woeger
This free tract, from the AFIRE Christian book, summarizes what God expects from each Believer in Jesus Christ. Christian life is about choosing to trust in God or to trust in something else.
Confession - Robert Woeger
Christians need to believe and confess God's Word as Truth. Confession will release what is in your heart to the world. Make sure your confession will glorify God.
Spirit Led - Robert Woeger
God desires every Christian to be led by His Holy Spirit, and not by their flesh. Discover what The Holy Bible has to say about being led by The Spirit, instead of relying on your own self.
Receive - Bold Faith - Robert Woeger
Receive by faith all of God's Wonderful Promises. Learn how to receive all things from God through faith in God, faith in God's Word, and faith in God's Son, Jesus Christ. Live by faith.
Healing - Robert Woeger
Healing is vital to every person and is God's Blessing. God desires, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." 3 John 2.
Healing Scriptures - Robert Woeger
A collection of Bible Verses regarding Healing. Confess these healing scriptures daily to help you stay healthy in your spirit, soul, and your body. God gave these Healing Verses for you.
Miracles - Robert Woeger
God still does miracles today to confirm His Word to the unsaved, showing that He is Real and that Jesus Christ Is Alive! If you need a healing, or other kind of miracle, read this writing!
Afire - Robert Woeger
Every Christian should study this powerful free Christian book, to learn how to be a disciple of Jesus, and endure, in faith until the end of their life, being always afire, or on fire, for Jesus.
No Regrets - Robert Woeger
God desires that you serve Him completely, having no regrets about how you live your life. Boldly live for Him, always being focused on glorifying God!
Healing From Jesus - Robert Woeger   Chapters
All healing, or wholeness, comes through Jesus Christ. God still heals today! If you have questions about healing, read this free Christian book. Scriptural evidence to help build your faith to receive your healing from Jesus.
Daily Discovering God - Robert Woeger & Andrew Murray
Christian daily devotional that is based on, and inspired by, the writings of Andrew Murray. A very good Christian devotional for both long-time Christians and new Believers in Christ. Learn how to properly walk with Christ
Prayer - Robert Woeger
Prayer changes things! Learn how to properly communicate with God and see your prayers answered. Highly recommended for all Believers who desire to win souls, be closer to God, and change the world. Free Christian book.
Addictions - Robert Woeger
Addictions are common with people today. They bind and hinder people from walking in their full God-given potential. Addictions steal both time and money from people, and replace God with something that enslaves them.
Gospel - Robert Woeger
Free writing that that explains The Gospel (or Good News) of Jesus Christ. A must read for every Christian, and for every person thinking about coming to truly believe on The Lord Jesus Christ.
Power Through Prayer - Sure Prayer - Strong Prayer - The Lord Is With You - The Solution, The Spirit - Robert Woeger
There is awesome power that is available to Christian Believers through prayer. Be encouraged by the many possible benefits of Christian prayer. You may freely copy and distribute these tracts
Glorify God - Robert Woeger
This short Christian tract explains why every person needs to glorify God. This gives an overview of what a true Christian should believe, and how they should act, to best glorify God
Christ Died For You - Finish Well - Your Walk With Christ - Every Soul Counts - I Gave You My Best - Robert Woeger
These five Christian tracts introduce The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, and share the wonderful hope that is available to you through Jesus Christ
Why Do You Not Believe? - Robert Woeger & Andrew Murray
Powerful Christian writing that asks the question why some people do not believe in Christ's Gospel Salvation message. If you have any doubts about your Salvation, or if you want to build up your faith, please read this!
Be Healed - Atmosphere For Healing - Robert Woeger
God still heals! There are Healing Scriptures in God's Word containing God's Promises to heal you. Powerful summary of how to receive your healing from God through Jesus Christ
Pure Heart - Robert Woeger
God desires that you have a clean and pure heart before Him at all times. When you walk before Him with a pure and contrite heart, and continually delight yourself in The Lord, He shall give you the desires of your heart!
Serving God - Robert Woeger
God tests those who desire to follow and serve Him. Many people will seemingly walk the walk, and talk the talk, for a season, but do they really desire an eternal, genuine relationship with Him? Develop a lifestyle of service.
Present - Robert Woeger
The Gospel is meant to be freely presented to others, as a wonderful present from Father God to the world through His Son, Jesus Christ. We need to be available and present, always ready to be used in service to God.
Christian Revival - Robert Woeger
This writing will help true revival to break out in your church, your city and nation! Explains what true revival is, and how to see it manifest in people all around you. Every Christian should be concerned about soul-winning!
Follow Through - Robert Woeger
Many well-meaning Christians have been deceived, distracted, and poisoned in their faith, causing them not to follow through on their promises and vows to The Lord. Avoid being led off course, or wavering in your faith.
Divided We Fall - Robert Woeger
Christians need to live in unity and be well balanced at all times. Too many Christians, who follow Jesus and proclaim Him as their Lord, neglect the importance of being faithful stewards and godly ambassadors at all times.
Limiting God - Robert Woeger
Christians need to be continually aware of how they may be limiting God in their lives, and to avoid anything that may be causing limitations to be placed between them and an unlimited God.
Christly - Robert Woeger
All Christians, who are true followers of Christ, need to always strive to be like Christ (Christly). When we act in a Christly manner, we glorify both God, and His Son, Jesus Christ.
Hearken Diligently - Robert Woeger
Many today deny God, or else describe a god that they have created to fit their worldview. In their search for significance, people have lost touch with the True God, and replaced Almighty God.
Presence Of God - Robert Woeger
A Christian book about the need to maintain the abiding Presence Of God in the life of every Christian. His Presence protects us from all manner of evil, and is the tangible evidence that we are in proper relationship with Him.
The Consequences - Robert Woeger
The consequences of your faith. Everything that you do reflects back on you, and also on Christ. You leave a testimony, evidenced by the consequences, and the fruit, that you leave behind.
Opportunity - Robert Woeger
The importance of opportunities. Every opportunity, and each decision based on opportunities, is important. Life is made up of successfully discerned and followed opportunities and instructions
Radiance Requires Relinquishment - Robert Woeger
Discovering what is essential in the life. How to have a happy, healthy walk with Christ. Is is essential in life to relinquish certain things in order to experience the radiance and the Glory of God.
Wisdom Truths - Robert Woeger
The great value of discovering Jesus Christ, and having a true relationship with Him, is beyond measure. These Wisdom Truths were discovered and documented to help be a blessing to you.
Warning Against Rebellion - Benefits Of Respect - Robert Woeger
This powerful writing deals with the danger of rebellion and identifies the source of all rebellion. We, as Christians, must follow Christ, and be diligent to keep ourselves from the sin of rebellion.
A Good Name - Robert Woeger
"A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth." Ecclesiastes 7:1 (KJV). The power behind a good name is a mystery that every Christian should discover here on earth.
Unexpected Things - Robert Woeger
Life is full of unexpected things. It is how that we deal with them that is key. This writing describes unexpected things and how to deal with them properly, so that we may bring glory to God and bear a positive testimony.
The Power Of Truth - Robert Woeger
The power of truth will unlock all doors and locks that would attempt to keep us bound. The love of God's Truth and His Righteousness will protect us. We should love truth, shun evil, and learn to live in His righteousness.
The Importance Of No - Robert Woeger
May this Christian writing on the importance of when to say 'No' stir you to a closer walk with the Lord. "But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil." Matthew 5:37.
Distractions - Robert Woeger
Christians need to be aware of and avoid all distractions, as they will prevent the perfect will of God flowing in us. "...I speak for your own profit...that ye may attend upon the Lord without distraction." 1 Corinthians 7:35.
When You Need God To... - Robert Woeger
This writing deals with when you need God to do something on your behalf. Apply these basic principles whenever you need God to show up and do something on your behalf.
Dysfunctional - Robert Woeger
How to deal with dysfunctional people, things and situations. We must learn how to spot them, and avoid the many potential problems, in our walk following after Christ.
War On Humility - Robert Woeger
Humility is the key to walking in right relationship before The Lord. Our enemy has declared war on humility, and wants us in selfish pride, to prevent love and humility from being demonstrated.
Relationships - Robert Woeger
We are to have relationships with others, to conduct ourselves in a Godly, appropriate manner, as all of our conduct reflects back on God, and is a testimony to others of what we really believe.
Misplaced Affections - Robert Woeger
Christians need to be aware of misplaced affections, especially affections that are meant only for God. People are growing increasingly more materialistic with a focus on self instead of on God.
The Disrespect Conundrum - Robert Woeger
"The Disrespect Conundrum" is where people get offended so easily at the lack of "respect" that they perceive someone is showing them, yet they refuse to give the proper respect to others.
Jesus - Robert Woeger
Many people do not have a proper love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is not some fictional figure or person, but rather Jesus Christ is real, and He longs to be sought diligently and discovered by each of us.
Walking In The Spirit - Walking With God - Robert Woeger
There is no greater thing than abiding with God and walking with Him. May this writing cause you to have a closer walk with The Lord. "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Amos 3:3.
The Way Of Faith - Robert Woeger
We need to not forget the established paths of faith. Be encouraged and blessed, as you as you live your life for Christ in faith. God is the same today as He was yesterday, and He changes not.
Approximation Of God - Robert Woeger
Christians should be aware that they are seeing an approximation of God. Our desire should be to have a better portrait of who God really is, to expand our ability to discern, capture, and have faith in an unlimited God.
Exceedingly Glad - Robert Woeger
God wants us to be partakers in the gladness and joy that He has prepared for us. There are many reasons to be exceedingly glad, when you are saved, and truly know and believe on Jesus Christ.
Doing The Right Thing - Robert Woeger
We are constantly bombarded by people and things that want our attention. We must be careful with our choices, to always be doing the right thing before God and man.
Clean Hands - Robert Woeger
We must have clean hands, so that we protect ourselves, and others, from touching wrong things. This writing deals with both the requirement and the benefits of having clean hands before God.
Sins - Robert Woeger
Writing about various types of sin. A discovery and an examination of the topic of sins. Every sin that we allow, or engage in, serves to separate us from having a right relationship with God
Sexual Sins - Robert Woeger
This topic is often shunned by Christians and churches, but is much needed to help people get free from all kinds of bondages that sexual related sins bring upon those who are engulfed in them
Pieces Of Love - Robert Woeger
We are all pieces of love to please God. Failure to live your life with proper love, will bring sin, disillusionment, pain, sorrow, and ultimately death, resulting in your eternal separation from God
Fairness - Robert Woeger
Fairness and how it relates to our Christian life. Life is not fair. Life is the combination of the choices, that all people make, that affect you and everyone else around you
The Yield - Robert Woeger
Are we yielded to God? How is a life measured? Is it in material possessions, fame, or how many people show up at your funeral? Or, are there weightier issues in deciding the value of a life?
If I Must - Robert Woeger
God is a God of instructions. He asks for us to behave, and act, in certain ways towards ourselves and others. God is seeking faithful servants, who do things motivated by their love for Him
Well Balanced - Robert Woeger
God desires for us to discover the key of being well-balanced in every area of our Christian life. The world, and our lives, are held together by various systems and forces that keep us alive
The Benefits Of Joy - Robert Woeger
This Christian writing deals with the benefits of joy in the believer's life. Depriving yourself or a loved one of joy is a huge mistake. You won't regret seeking after joy! It is beneficial and healthy
Help Bless - Robert Woeger
Many people fail to realize that life is not a one-way street where we simply take from others, but rather it is designed so that we would properly give back out of our blessings to others
Urgent - Robert Woeger
Christians need to heed this urgent warning and desire all of Christ, and not just settle for some small morsel that someone has fed them which purports to represent Jesus Christ.
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