This Christian site offers an extensive collection of high quality Christian resources, that have been carefully selected and edited by Robert Woeger, to help as many people as possible have a true relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The website freely distributes many Christian files each day, to bless individuals around the world with The Gospel Of Jesus Christ and free Christian resources. We accept no advertising. Adam runs this site as a personal outreach: "To Deliver Hope to a Lost and Dying World." You can help by praying for Robert Woeger.
These free Christian books can be printed (PDF), or viewed in a web browser or ebook reader, and are useful for Bible Study, Daily Devotionals, Discipleship Training, or Sermon Preparation.
Robert Woeger is a Christian minister, evangelist, songwriter, and author, who believes that Salvation is the most important thing that we can share with the "lost and dying world." "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 6:23. People need Jesus Christ, and it is our primary job, as Christians, to share this Good News, with as many people as possible, before it may be too late! This web site is designed to present The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, and provide many free Christian books, videos, and resources to people around the world, so that they may become strong, true, and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.
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