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I Gave You My Best
Robert Woeger


Copyright © 2010 by Robert Woeger.
Pray for souls to come to believe upon Jesus Christ.

You may distribute electronic or printed copies of this I Gave You My Best writing to as many people as possible.


I Gave You My Son, Whom You Crucified And Rejected

I Gave You My Word, But You Choose Friendship With The World

I Gave You Children, Whom You Rejected And Returned Back To Me

I Gave You An Eternal Kingdom, But You Chose Eternal Damnation

I Gave You Life, But You Have Rejected Me

I Gave You A Friend, Whom You Mistreated And Made Your Enemy

I Gave You My Spirit, But You Were Too Busy And Selfish To Be Led

I Gave You Access To My Presence, But You Did Not Fear And Reverence Me

I Gave You Prayer, But You Would Not Take Time To Commune With Me

I Gave You My Best, But You Compromised, And Settled For Much Less


This Christian writing is what I believe God is speaking to The World today.

Recorded as #210080310 on 08/19/2010 with the Clerk And Recorder, El Paso County, Colorado.

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