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Help Bless
Robert Woeger


We Should Help Bless Others

First Edition
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Publisher: Robert Woeger

Many people fail to realize that life is not a one-way street where we simply take from others,
but rather it is designed so that we would properly give back out of our blessings to others.

All Scripture references in this writing are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.
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Help Bless by Robert Woeger

Help Bless is a vision of what everyone should be doing to others each day. We should all be on the lookout for others to help bless, wherever we are. This writing is not designed to start a "bless me club" where we are the focus of being blessed. Notice that I did not say "help bless you." However, when we approach this principle with humility, and focus on helping others, we will likely find ourselves getting blessed beyond measure.

It has been said that "it is better to give than to receive." Givers tend to be happier, healthier, and have a better outlook on life. Giving should relieve stress, and cause a healthy feeling of satisfaction that you have been able to bless someone. The reward of blessing others is beyond any potential monetary benefit.

My goal in presenting this Help Bless vision is to help you, and countless other people worldwide, to help realize their dreams and goals, so that they may be a blessing to others. We know that this world is already filled with enough violence and seemingly uncaring people. Why be rude or obnoxious to someone when you can bless them? You can bless someone with a simple smile, some kind words, a donation, or helpful information. Try to sow good seeds of blessings into the lives of others that will solve problems that they are experiencing.

If you are continually sowing good things into the lives of people around you, your harvest will be good, and many blessings will likely overtake you. For what you sow, you shall reap. There is much truth found in this.

Look for opportunities to bless people, whenever it is in your power to do so. Blessings come in many forms, not just money. We can encourage someone, help someone with a problem, or impart information that helps.

Helping to bless a person requires conscious thought and spending a portion of your time to focus on another.

Time is the universal currency that we are stewards over in life. We can exchange time, through our labor, to acquire things that we need, such as money, assets, gifts, food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and vacations.

Time can be used wisely, to maximize the return on time that is spent, or time can be wasted on frivolous things which are unprofitable. Poor decisions and distractions will cause us to use time unwisely. We should train our minds to be good administrators of the time that we have been given. We need to be well-balanced in our time management, and not go to one extreme or the other. We can become so time focused that we miss out on things that really matter, just as we can also ignore time and miss out on important people and things in our lives.

How we handle money and time shows how we respect ourselves and how we respect others. If we are often late to meetings and appointments, that may cause others angst and disappointment. It also reflects back poorly on both you and your employer. People may not want to associate with you or do business with you in the future because they feel that you have mistreated their time. If a doctor gets paid $400 an hour for office visits, and you come 20 minutes late to your appointment, how is he or she to replace the cost of the lost 20 minutes of time, unless there happens to be another patient waiting at that time also to be seen? Lawyers and others also charge for their time, and we know that we do not want to pay for idle time while they wait for us to arrive late.

One of the ways we can help bless others is to keep our appointments and keep our time properly organized. Forgetting about a meeting or appointment will usually turn someone off to you. Being late shows your poor planning. You should always try to be early, so that you are on time in case you encounter unexpected delays.

Treating Others Properly

We should desire above all else to treat others fairly and with respect, the way we would want to be treated. We should want them to prosper and be in good health. Life is too short for wishing bad things to happen to others. Negative people tend to only really hurt themselves in the end and not usually the person they are trying to hurt.

If we can help bless others, why don't more people do that? If we have information or principles that will really set others free in various areas of their lives, why not share these with them? After all, isn't that what a person pays a specialist in a certain area for -- their expertise and the sharing of the wisdom they have discovered?

By purposely striving to help bless others, we set ourselves up for a cascading harvest of blessings coming back into our own lives. We will likely get paid for our time and problem solving help, which is only reasonable, but sometimes we will donate our time and resources, and be a cheerful giver, to help someone with desperate need.

You will likely run across some people who would like to take advantage of the generosity and giving of others. Discern their true motivations, and only give if you feel totally at peace, and definitely not out of obligation or any manipulation that they try to use on you. Some people stop trying to help bless others after they have had a bad experience where they feel they were taken advantage of by someone. Don't let a few people who try to misuse your kindness taint your desire to help bless others who genuinely need your help.

The Principle Of Sharing

If we lay up all our treasure in a storehouse, planning for some event that may or may not ever happen, we are likely missing the chance to help bless others. Greed, or avarice, is an extremely dangerous thing. It not only chokes out much happiness in a person's life, but also prevents them from positively impacting other people and families that have some kind of need. I am not a big advocate of feeding people, just to feed people, as they will be back tomorrow looking for food. We should rather equip people with jobs, opportunities, and skills so that they can provide their own food through their work and efforts. If we have information or a business that will help people to be potentially free from debt and the grips of poverty, why should we not share it with others?


The benefits of blessings and helping others is evidenced in many principles found recorded in the Holy Bible. There have also been many modern adaptations and uses of some of these principles, such as those found in the popular movie put out a few years ago called Pay It Forward. If there is a genuine, legitimate need to be filled, and we are led to help, and in doing so we will not put our own family or finances in any jeopardy, then why not help bless the person or people in need of your help. The reward of being a blessing to others far outweighs any temporary inconvenience we experience, or the expense that helping others costs in our time and money.

How To Start

Look for ways to inspire, bless, and help others. Share solutions to problems if people are open to receive them. Never force anyone to receive a blessing or help from you, but kindly offer to help bless them and see how they react. Remember that you can help bless others with a simple smile or kind word too, and not always money.

I pray that you are blessed by this short writing and will help it to reach others around the world.